During the 2016/2017 hunting season, hunting company "Diane" released 150 gray partridges, 58 king partridges and 110 pheasants (total: 318 volatiles birds).

The hunting company has actively participated in big game hunting, has responded to the demands of landowners and farmers to hunt and divert crop pests.

Two festive events were organized: the hunting meal on Sunday, March 5th, 2017 and the hiking day on July 2nd, 2017, wich ended with a roasted boar. There was a friendly atmosphere during these two days and was so successful,that these two events will be renewed Sunday, March 4, 2018 and Sunday, July 1, 2018.

The hunting company takes this opportunity to sincerely thank the owners who allow the hunters to practice their sport during the season and especially the owners who have welcomed the hikers on their lands and their woods and who have, therefore, contributed the success of this day in the forest.

We remind you that the events organized by the hunting society are open to all, hunters and non-hunters. Come join us, we will be happy to welcome you.

After the election of the general assembly, here is the composition of the office for the coming year :

  • - President : Jean- Daniel BONNET (phone : 06 68 69 57 63 email : bonnetjeandaniel@gmail.com)
  • - Treasurer : Jean-Marc BONNET
  • - Active members : Pascal DOUGAL, Loïc GEAY, Luc MALEPLATE, Stéphane NYZAM, Pierrot POINAUD
  • Did not represent : Jean-Claude LIAIGRE whom we thank for his contribution to the secretariat of the hunting society for many years.

To have the right to hunt, you must either have a hunting license or pass the license to be a breeder. You must also have a hunting insurance and pay the hunting company's annual card..

Last year, to any new hunter, the Federation of Hunters of the Charente proposed the license to hunt at zero euro . Given the success achieved by this operation, the Federation renews the proposal for the third year. (Phone : 05 45 61 50 71). Do not hesitate! Encourage new hunters to take advantage...

The president and his board of directors inform you, from today, of the festivities to come :

  • - Sunday, March 4, 2018: Lunch from 12:30 pm.
  • - Sunday 1st July 2018: Country meal around the wild boar on the spit, during the festive day.

Gourmets who like to be around a good meal, join us to share a good moment of laughter and friendship.

Information and registration : Jean-Daniel BONNET 06 68 69 57 63

The "VELO CLUB SAINT ROMAIN" : (Office members and licensees) inform you of events they wish to organize in the first half of the new year :

The general assembly was held on October 14, 2017 following which a new treasurer was elected: Mrs. Marie-Noëlle was elected treasurer following the resignation of Mrs. POURTIER Brigitte, the rest of the office is unchanged.

We thank everyone who participated in the meal of the Telethon and all the walkers, mountain bikers and cyclists who took the sports circuits that were offered to them. The children of the school who in their own way contributed to the success of this day of solidarity. After 13 years the Vélo Club will soon change its colors.

  • - Saturday 27 January : Galette des rois.
  • - Saturday, April 21st : Race in Saint Romain.
  • - Saturday, May 26th : Race in Nabinaud.
  • - Saturday, June 30 : Race in Saint Severin.
  • - Wednesday, August 15 : Race in Bors de Montmoreau.

Reminder of the person responsible for the association for our municipality :

Mrs CLOUZEAU : 05 45 98 17 01

A permanence is assured to Aubeterre 05 45 98 40 81 (emergency number)

05 45 37 00 50 is at your disposal for any information.

The kids and staff were spoiled by Santa Claus. A meal with staff and volunteers took place at the end of the year.
In April, a snack will be distributed to people assisted as every year, and a fair will be held in July. The ADMR is always present, with all its employees to help the people who need it

Since 30 January 2017 the ADMR Aubeterre no longer delivers meals, to benefit from this service we must approach the ADMR Chalais who carries meals throughout the township of Aubeterre. Mrs. LEPERRE, President of the ADMR since 2004, announced in October the wish to leave the presidency of the association after long years of volunteering.
She started ADMR in 1994 as Head of Staff Training and 1st Vice President. She will be replaced by Mr BENOIT. We thank her very sincerely for her availability, her skills and her dedication.

President, volunteers and ADMR staff send you their best wishes for the year 2018.

Happy New Year and good health to all.

The General Assembly of November 2nd brought together the members of the Board of Directors and a good number of members, about 30 people. For the year 2017, the association has 41 members.
For each hike, the participation varies between 15 and 20 walkers.
The hikes take place every Tuesday morning at 9 am and carpooling is regularly done.
It is proposed to establish two circuits, the usual circuit of about 11 km and a shorter circuit of 7 km.
The distances travelled vary between 8 and 12 km.
It should be remembered that during the months of July and August the start of the hike would be at 8.30 am instead of 9 am.

Report on the main activities of the year 2017 :

The preparation of the hiking programme takes place every two months at the house of the hike, the next will be held on Monday, December 4th. This meeting is open to all members
Some highlights of the year 2017 :

  • - Tuesday, January 3 : Hike to Saint Romain followed by tasting of the traditional galette des rois.
  • - Tuesday, March 28 :Walk to Saint Pierre du Palais (17) followed by a meal at the restaurant "La Laiterie" in Messant commune du Fouilloux.
  • - Tuesday, May 23rd :Annual trip, by bus, to Bergerac. Hike and meal at the restaurant "Le Dix Vins" in Bergerac and visit the city by a guide of the Tourist Office.
  • - Tuesday 13th June : Hike in Brie sous Chalais with the Brie walkers who offered us as usual a great pot of friendship.
  • - Tuesday 27th June : Hike around the pond of Jemaye then a picnic.
  • - Tuesday 19 September : Hiking from the Moulin de Poltrot in Nabinaud with the Brie walkers followed by a meal offered by our association.
  • - Tuesday 17 October : Hike in Saint-Méard de Dronne (24), followed by a meal at the restaurant in Saint-Victor.

Renewal of Board Members:

Outgoing third party
Deputy Treasurer: PETIT Christian
Secretary: SEGALINI Martine

Following the departure of Michèle DORET, President, a call for applications for her replacement was made .M. TALLON is a candidate. He has been unanimously elected.

The new board is composed as follows:

President: TALLON Jean-Marie Vice President: CABOS Mado
Treasurer: COUBES Myriam Assistant Treasurer: MARCELIN Gérard
Secretary: SEGALINI Martine Assistant Secretary: TOURNESSI Jacqueline


The association thanks Mrs DORET for all these years of volunteering and wishes her a well-deserved retirement.


Release project for 2017:

For the year 2017 it is proposed Chassenon, Périgueux, Cognac or the Valley of the Vézère.
The choice will be made at future meetings.
For the year 2017-2018 the contribution remains fixed at 22 euros.
At the end of the year, the Association presents its best wishes to all its members and wishes them beautiful hikes.

If you need: a little physical activity, or to change your mind, come join us at the Festival Hall.

Dany will welcome you with pleasure.

Every Thursday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

PS : for any information, call 05 45 98 59 18


In our modern society, a new way of showing indignation, of proposing a change in the law, of agreeing or disagreeing with those who govern us has appeared: the petition on the Internet. It has become a reflex, it becomes comforting to know that tens, even hundreds of thousands of people recognize themselves in this or that position.

Imagine for a moment that the wounded or sick who need a blood transfusion petition to get blood taken in their country, from donors with no financial interest in hiding their health, called not to to get tired excessively thanks to the prescribed deadlines between two donations. Imagine that they claim that the transfusion is provided by a competent and selfless public service.

You will get, let's be sure, millions of signatures for such a transfusion system. But it is simply that of our country.

So how is it that less than 6% of the inhabitants of our communes of giving age come to our collections? In Saint-Romain 12 inhabitants have given their blood at least once in 2016, they will never be thanked enough because they are examples to follow.

Do not just support us, give some of your time, some of your blood, we will welcome you to the friendly family of volunteer donors.

Donors, former donors and future donors, note the date of our General Assembly: Wednesday, 14 March 2018 at 19 hours in the hall of Chalais.

In 2018, the 5 collections for the Chalais region will take place in the same hall on Mondays,  15 January,  19 March, 28 May, 20 August and 29 October from 4:30 pm.

These collections will be announced by posters that we distribute widely thanks to the kindness of our merchants.

You can also donate to a collection in another municipality or to the blood transfusion site of the Girac hospital according to your availability.

For any information :

  • - to the President Marc Duflot 25 rue de la Montagne Verte 16210 CHALAIS Phone 05 45 98 27 93 E-mail annie.duflot@laposte.net
  • - to the transfusion site of Girac hospital 16470 SAINT MICHEL Phone 05 45 91 46 44

What is Présence Verte ?

Delivery of meals for home care throughout the department of CHARENTE.
Cold meals already prepared to warm, delivered by refrigerated vehicle.

2 lunch formulas are proposed :

There is also a light evening meal with soup, a dish and dessert at 5.40€

Interventions on all the department with the material proper to the structure.

3 permanent experienced employees on this activity  and graduates.
Minimum intervention of 2 hours.

Examples of gardening work :
Mowing, hedge trimming, flowers and shrubs, brushing, weeding, planting, watering, small plant creation, grinding of your green waste, disposal of green waste, leaf collection...

Example of work for crafts :
Shutter sanding, interior / exterior painting, small surface tiling, furniture assembly...

  1. Carrying meals
    • - A complete meal, (consisting of soup, starter, main course, cheese and dessert) to 9.10 € with possibility of diet.
      • - A SMART meal (consisting of a starter, main course and dessert) at 8.50€

    Guests have the possibility to choose between 2 menus if they choose the complete meal plan.

    For all days of the week or for a few days.

    • - Choice of menus (excluding diets).
    • - Very flexible formula :

  2. Crafts and gardening
  3. To use our services, how should we proceed ?
    • CONTACT : I make contact by phone at 05 45 97 81 30 or by mail to presenceverte16@msa-services.fr
      Opening time : 8 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 4 pm - Wednesday morning from 8 am to 12:30 pm
    • APPOINTMENT: a competent person will visit your home to evaluate the work to be done and the number of hours required (Crafts / gardening)
    • QUOTE: An estimate will be given to you.
    • SETTING UP: Once the quote is signed and accepted, Présence Verte Charente will implement the service at the hours and days agreed with you.

The children of preschool have posted their letters to Santa Claus.

The Association wishes the children of the school, the teachers, the parents and the friends of Saint Romain School the best wishes