Change collection days since April 3, 2017


Friday morning every 15 days except special cases for some villages.
Puycheni, Aubrie, Le Petit Mainot, Thiollet and Fontcharrière pick up on Thursday afternoons every 15 days.
The Marzat is on Tuesday afternoons every 15 days.


Every Thursday afternoon except special cases for some villages. Puycheni, Aubrie, Le Petit Mainot, Thiollet and Fontcharrière pickup every Monday afternoon.
The village of Laporte pickup every Monday morning.

Important : the pickup points are exclusively reserved for residents. When the bins are full, it would be best to bring your bags the day before the collection to avoid the accumulation of waste that quickly causes odors, health issues and aesthetic problems for people living nearby.

For more information, contact the Green No. 0 800 500 429 or the website


It is forbidden to put the glass next to the black and yellow bins.

You have three places to put the glass :

  • - School Square
  • - Lotissement des Vignes
  • - Next to the communal garage

When there is a place where the bin is full, it would be wise to deposit this glass in one of the locations mentioned above, it is the same for black bags. Thank you for your understanding.

05 45 98 40 75

Opening times :

Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm

And Tuesday from 9 am to 12 pm.

Closed Tuesdays afternoons; Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays all day.


Now put your CDs and DVDs in dump, do not throw them in your black bag, they will be recycled.

Establishment of a new tyre disposal service. For individuals, a deposit service is available on specific dates, on the site of Poullignac on registration only by calling Calitom 0 800 500 429. The deposits are limited to 4 tyres per home for light vehicles and 2 tyres for motorcycles. This service is free. The collection dates are submitted by simple request either to the agent of dump or the green number 0 800 500 429, or are available on the website

Yellow bag

Please fill in your yellow bags with : paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel and food carton packaging, all plastic packaging can now be sorted. Thus, all the packages are sorted.

Remember to compact the cartons to prevent it overflowing. Some principles of knowing how to live and good sense make the quality of our village.

Needles, syringes, scalpels, strips ... These used objets need to be thrown into a hermetic boxes DASTRI available at the chemist !

If you are self-medicating and use syringes, needles, scalpels, lancets, catheters ..., this waste has a specific collection and treatment channel. They present the risk of injury with transmission of germs, bacteria or viruses for those who handle them. This may affect your relatives, collection agents or sorting when they are inadvertently placed in black bags or yellow bags.

If you treat diabetes, hepatitis, hemophilia or administer care to your pet, be very careful after using needles, syringes, lancets ...

You can get a specific box for free at a pharmacy. Indeed, thanks to the DASTRI eco-organism, most pharmacies in the department have hermetic containers on request. Once home, you place your medical waste. Once full, you bring it to your pharmacist who can replace it.

The list of partner pharmacies in the Charente on the website

Agents from Atrion, the departmental sorting center for yellow bags located in Mornac, are regularly injured! The consequences are heavy: analyzes, regular medical monitoring for several weeks, stress and anxiety.